Emil Perhinschi

Emil Perhinschi

since when


where else
Iaşi, România, 2009-2012
about the city: Iasi
Bucureşti, România, 1993-2009 with a few breaks
Suceava, România, 1989-1993

- web applications in Perl

- web frameworks: HTML::Mason, Catalyst

- Template Toolkit

- MySQL, Postgresql, DB2 with DBI and DBIx::Class


- Padre, the up-and-coming Perl IDE: already a good editor, lately growing into an IDE

- EPIC for Eclipse

- Komodo Edit

- various clones of Vi, though not my favorite

- and Emacs, of course :)

also dabbled in

- web applications in PHP (CodeIgniter) and Java (Struts, JSP)

- desktop apps in Perl + Gtk and Gtk2, Perl + Tk, Java + SWT

- desktop apps in Tcl/Tk

what else

- book nerd, attempting to index all the public domain titles that were scanned and are available on the net; hopefully will fail because of the huge amount of texts that, if all goes well, will get digitized sometimes in the near future


- Bernard de Mandeville

- Henric Sanielevici before he got really nuts

- Paul Zarifopol

wondering about

- when will EU have elected leadership ?

- why do the USA folks believe they lost the Vietnam War ?

- will Vimes take over as Patrician when Vetinari retires ?

site powered by

- electricity, but written using Perl and HTML::Mason, and running on top of mod_perl